Tuesday, June 4, 2013

miriattwatersworld.blogspot.com is now miriattwater.com

To make things simpler, this blog will now be found at miriattwater.com.

So you still have to learn how to spell Miri Attwater. :) I know, I hear you, I'm spelling impaired to. But the domain names mermaidprincess and oceansecret were already taken. Surprise, surprise, right? I did look around a bit because while I still love the name Phyta Publishing, I'm finding out that spelling out my email address for everyone - esivy@phytapublishing.com - is taking a lo-o-ong time!

For now, anyone who reads the book should be able to remember miriattwater.com. (I hope.) I did consider the name mirimermaid. Hmm... maybe mermaidmiri would sound better. Chime in if you think I should have used that one/add that one for readers.

Happy Reading!

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