Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do fish really come in that color? Yep, really!

Photo By Adrian Pingstone, Wikimedia Commons
This is a photo of a yellow tang, like Miri saw at the aquarium park. See the tiny white spot at the base of its tail? That's the piece of bone that is as sharp as a surgeons scalpel! Another name for tang is surgeonfish.

When I went snorkeling for the first time off the Big Island of Hawaii, we looked down on the rocks in the water and noticed bright yellow stripes. We thought it was really nice of the local swimmers to paint them so  newcomers would know the best place to enter the water. But when we got in, the "stripes" swam away! They were a bunch of yellow tangs! They were so bright that they seemed to glow like the yellow stripes on the road at night.

The aquarium wasn't the only place Miri saw Yellow Tangs. Can you remember another place she saw them?

A reader asked if I have a preview of the cover of Book 2. Sadly, I do not. I'll tell you what I do have, though. And excerpt of Book 2 coming next week! So don't take your eyes off this blog!

Speaking of watching the blog, usually I would say to sign up with the Followers gadget in the right side bar so you won't miss any posts. But the official gadget provided by Blogger does not seem to be working. From my search of the forums, lots of people seem to be having trouble with this. I apologize, but if the gadget kicks you off the Followers list, please sign back up.

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