Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Octopus Vs. Shark

A reader got to wondering about who would win in a fight, a shark or a puma? I did tons of research on sharks for the Miri Attwater series, but I don't remember coming across that particular information. But I can't resist a good research topic.

I couldn't find anything about shark vs. puma or even shark vs. lion. But I did find that a lion lost to a crocodile. And one unfortunate bull shark found that he shouldn't have tried to take on a hippo. Given that the encounter would have to happen at the edge of water or in water, I think the outcome would likely be similar to crocodile vs. lion. My money would be on the shark.

The most impressive to me, though, was something I remembered from my original research. Given our last topic was octopus it seems appropriate. Who would win in shark vs. octopus? Check out the video below, Shark vs. Octopus below. The winner might surprise you.


To check out that amazing octopus camouflage they mentioned, see my post: Octopus camouflage, science behind the magical mermaids of Miri Attwater. 

To learn more about real spiny dogfish sharks and the Giant Pacific octopus, try the following sites:
Giant Pacific Octopus on
Spiny dogfish shark on


  1. Love this! How fun to find out all these great scientific tidbits to go along with the books.

    1. Even though I was totally enthralled when I "forced" myself to go snorkeling, I never really understood the fascination with studying marine biology. But when I started doing the research for these books, I was really amazed! Quite the alien world right here on earth.