Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review of Miri Attwater and All That Glitters by Books, Babies, and Bows

I'm excited about Books, Babies, and Bows review of Miri Attwater and All that Glitters!

Books, Babies, and Bows said that in All That Glitters "...the masterfully laid out mystery in the book had us quickly turning pages..."

And that "...E. S. Ivy uses her scientific background to weave real science seamlessly into the storyline."

fish cleaning station
A dragon wrasse being cleaned by Rainbow cleaner wrasses on a reef in Hawaii. By Brocken Inaglory via Wikimedia Commons
 On of the favorite parts for Jenny and her two daughters  was the scene where Miri visits a fish cleaning station to remove the algae growing on her skin. Did you also wonder if fish cleaning stations are real? They are!

When I first learned about them I was fascinated too. Next week, I'll start a series of posts about fish cleaning stations.

Books, Babies, and Bows is a wonderful review site where Jenny reviews kids' books with her two young daughters in mind. Hop on over and read the full review of Miri Attwater and All That Glitters over at Books, Babies, and Bows and find other great kids' books while you're there.

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